Flag-Football Team Registration

Flag-Football Team Registration

How to Register

  • Fill out the registration form below.
  • We require $300 prepay for 8-man teams and $150 for 5-Man teams. 
    1. The league now takes online payments only. No more cash/check.  After filling out the registration form, please click Make a Payment and submit your online payment.
    2. If you have any questions about registration or league dues, please call Jesse at 503-997-9216 or Jesse@portlandfootball.com
  • Release form. All players are required to fill out the online release form and this will also add themselves to the roster.  Player rosters are used for weekly stats, weekly prizes, and season long prizes.  To do so click register
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Additional Information

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Does your team have flag belts?:

The league sells them for $5 per belt.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can we just pay at the first game?

No. The league does require $300 prepay before the first game is scheduled. This prevents the ″flake out″ factor.

Do we need jerseys?

Yes. Same color, same material, and a number. We sell jerseys at cost. You choose your size, color and number. These jerseys take around 5 business days to get.

Where do I find out the time and location of my games?

Click on the "8-Man Schedule or 5-Man Schedule" tabs and scroll down. Do this the day of each one of your games. Changes do occur.

My team missed the league start date. Can we still get in?

Yes. The league will try and get you on the court ASAP. This might take 30 minutes or 2 weeks. The worst case scenario is that you will be signed up for our next Session. We always pro-rate your fees to the number of games you play.

How do playoffs work?

Every team will make the playoffs. Teams will be broken down into divisions after the final regular season of games and playoffs will occur over 2 Sundays.

Are the games always on the same field?

No. We try and offer 4-6 Home games and 1-2 Away games. Teams will be traveling to play you, it's only fair for you to travel to play them. With that being said, we would never send a team from Vancouver to play in Wilsonville.