About PortlandFootball.com

Portland Football offers the best competition for both the elite level player down to the recreational level player around. We have multiple skill levels for players looking for that intense competition level to the player looking to have fun with his friends and throw the football around.


Are you looking for the highest level of football competition?  Our league is for you.  Are you looking to play football with your friends and just have fun?  Our league is for you.  With multiple divisions, and scheduling done week by week to guarantee you play the right level of competition, Portland Football is a great place for all levels of football players.  

5-Man League

Format:  The 5-Man league is a non-blocking, high flying, high scoring league.   WE play on a 35 yard (wide) x 60 yard (field) with one first down in the middle of the field.   Whether your team played college football and needs the high level of competition, or your team has zero organized football experience this league can accommodate you.  Games are played at a downtown turf field on Sunday evenings. We keep individual player stats so you can track your progress throughout the season.  Individual prizes include Player of the Week, Season MVP, and offensive and defensive MVP.  

Referees:   5-Man games will be refereed by 1-2 Officials.  All of our officials are encouraged to help the new teams with strategy, plays, and understanding of the league to make it more enjoyable.    

Free Agency

Having trouble getting your friends together to form a team and sign up?? NO WORRIES, because YOU can still join  as a Free Agent Cost:$90 per individual. 

  • Have an opportunity to compete even if you can't create a team.
  • If you and some friends want to enter to play, but you don’t have enough to form a team, we can insure that your drafted onto the same team.
  • Network, make new friends and become part of a community of athletic minded adults.