Fall Season Schedule:

Regular Season

Sep 12

Sep 19

Sep 26

Oct 3

Oct 10

Oct 17


Oct 24


New Rules: 


1) Immediate Blitz/QB Eligible to Run

Teams on defense will be allowed 1 immediate rush each series. A defender(s) still has to line up 7 yards from line of scrimmage. Defensive player must yell out blitz if they choose to rush right away.

Once player blitzes there is no longer a 7 second count and QB is now eligible to run. You CANNOT blitz on PATs. 

If blitz occurs in the "no run zone", this is the only time the QB is eligible to run negating the no run zone rule. 


2) Defensive Strip While Receiver is in Process of Catch

Defenders are NOW allowed to strip ball while the receiver is in the process of a catch. Where as before this was called a Pass Interfence/Ruled a Catch.

Defensive players are ONLY allowed to punch out/deflect ball while receiver is in the process of a catch. Once the receiver completes the catch and makes initial move/step to run, defenders are then not allowed to punch out ball. 

Additionally, defensive players cannot make contact with receivers arms or go through their body while attempting to strip the ball. There will be no "winding up" to strip the ball either.


Week 2: September 19th, 2021

Game Time Home Score Away Score Field Ref View
5:30PM Portland Football Team [D] 46 High Flyers 52 Buckman Field 1 Garcia
6:20PM The Greatest Show On Paper [D] 19 Snake Bite [D] 33 Buckman Field 1 Garcia
7:10PM Trojans [D] 46 Dem Waiver Wire Boys [D] 53 Buckman Field 1 Garcia
8:00PM The Originals 54 Dem Waiver Wire Boys [D] 32 Buckman Field 1 Garcia
5:30PM Purple Squad [D] 44 The Greatest Show On Paper [D] 23 Buckman Field 2 Ancheta
6:20PM Purple Squad [D] 39 The Originals 62 Buckman Field 2 Ancheta
7:10PM Has Beens [D] 26 Slang Bros [D] 57 Buckman Field 2 Ancheta
8:00PM Trojans [D] 47 Slang Bros [D] 39 Buckman Field 2 Ancheta
5:30PM Honey Badgers 66 Snake Bite [D] 43 Buckman Field 3 Jake
6:20PM Portland Football Team [D] 33 Quaranteam 40 Buckman Field 3 Jake
7:10PM Nickel N Dime 49 Yak [D] 26 Buckman Field 3 AJ
8:00PM Has Beens [D] 39 Yak [D] 34 Buckman Field 3 AJ

Week 1: September 12th, 2021

Game Time Home Score Away Score Field Ref View
5:30PM Quaranteam 48 High Flyers 49 Buckman Field 1 Garcia
6:25PM Slang Bros 32 Portland Football Team 47 Buckman Field 1 Jake
5:30PM Has Beens 25 Nickel N Dime 52 Buckman Field 2 Ancheta
6:25PM The Originals 61 Honey Badgers 46 Buckman Field 2 Ancheta
6:25PM Purple Squad 47 Snake Bite 54 Buckman Field 3 AJ